What Size Do I Need?

We show two sets of measurements to assist in you being able to order the correct size the first time.

If you can't decide using those guidelines, check out #2.

#2: Measurements of THE GARMENT - NOT "Your Body"
A little more involved but possibly more precise.

Pull a shirt from your closet that you like how it fits. Lay it flat on the bed. Measure ONE SIDE from side seam to side seam - 1" below the sleeve seams. THAT measurement is the measurement of the size you should order.

Garment Product Measurements 
These are “GARMENT” measurements - with the garment laid "FLAT" - NOT circumference of the garment.

When garment is laid FLAT - measured across the chest (side seam to side seam) one inch below sleeve seams.

BLAB (Body Length at Back) 
Measured from high point of shoulder from the back.

Chest - 24-1/2 
BLAB - 32

We are attempting to give you as much information as we can in an attempt to save you having to make returns.